Find local parties, request invites.

Host local parties, choose who gets invited.

Welcome to real Social Curation.

“Weeding in” the right crowd deepens authenticity and lowers social barriers. It’s curating a group like a casting director would a film, and while InviteMe is not an exclusive, elitist app, it is about optimizing our social experiences and bettering our real lives.

Welcome to social curation for groups. Let’s take the strange out of strangers.

How does it work?

InviteMe allows hosts to post secret gatherings, whether house parties, SXSW rooftop events, a party on a yacht, you name it, all with their name and address “locally cryptic”. Users review a localized feed, reviewing cultures of nearby gatherings and requesting invites for those that resonate.

Users give a micropitch for why they should be invited. Event hosts reflect on profiles and pitches anonymously, so that nothing is awkward, granting invites only to those they choose. Those chosen can then see hosts’ names, location, and fellow attendees.


Amazing Features

We have some great features in store for you!

Host a meetup

Hosting an event is 4 easy steps.


We notify you of all the important activities that happen in this app, so that you don't miss on taking action.


You can chat with people you find in this app. Who knows, you may find a date too!

Clean & Elegant Design

All screens are beautifully and carefully pixel-crafted for you!


Hosts can rate guests and guests rate hosts. We want to maintain quality and transparency within the app.

More Features

This is not the end. We take your inputs and keep adding/deleting/editing more features, so let us know!


We constantly and carefully try to craft each screen to give you the best possible experience.

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